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Week 4: Creating SIMPLICITY within Complexity

This past week was my Birthday and for some reason it really HIT me hard, just how much I still DESIRE to accomplish in my life!

I have all these HUGE plans of things I want to do, places I want to go, people I want to see

…but there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day and room on my “to-do” list, to get everything accomplished.

So when I thought about adding this “6 month masters course”, called the “Master Key Mastermind Alliance” into my schedule, I told myself,

…“Andrew, you are CRAZY!!  You can’t add one more thing to your plate?!”

…but of course, since you see me writing this blog post, you can see I took the course and scheduled it into my weekly “to-do” list.

Yet the truth is, I’m glad I did!

It’s been forcing me to “go deeper” and stay “focused” on the important tasks. In order for me to get all the tasks accomplished (each week) in this course, It required I create simplicity within my world. So, I took charge of my world and I…

…Cleaned up my Work Area

…Cleaned up my Calendar

…Cleaned up the Floors

…Cleaned up my Computer Desktop

…Cleaned up my Outside Walkway

…Cleaned up and organized my Course Material

…Cleaned my BEDROOM!!

I even went so FAR as to de-clutter THE WALLS IN MY HOME! Getting rid of all those distractions around me. So now, I have a clean and clear environment to work in.

Here’s the point: Since I CLEANED up my life in all these areas (this past week), I’ve accomplished so much more then I ever thought I could!

In fact, I’ve been able to accomplish ALL my Master Key Mastermind Alliance work and still have time to catch the Football Game (if I wanted)! ;-)

IT’s AMAZING to me how CLEANING Up my environment (internally then externally) has changed EVERYTHING for me this past week.

And IT’s AMAZING to me that within all this Complexity of homework and assignments, I now have Simplicity

…And I love it!


  1. OMGosh, I need a shot of Andrew to get my office spick and span. According the principles of MKMMA, I can piggy-back your fantastic efforts and leverage them for myself. Yep, I can see my desk clear, the jacket off that chair, my daughter’s muddy converse in the washing machine, my paperwork ready for the accountant … not allowed to distract myself by putting them on a list of course! Do it Now, Do it Now, Do it Now …. loving the synchronicities coming out of this course … many minds getting into harmony.

    • HAHAHA, feel Free to “piggy-back” and “leverage” as much as you want! :) I’m sure I’ll be doing the same, “many minds getting into harmony.” …The thing is, there’s an energy involved in masterminding with the MKMMA, that I just didn’t expect!! It’s contagious, and I love it. Thanks for your comment Anna Ray!

  2. I chuckled when you said about cleaning up your computer desktop :). ‘Cause that was exactly what I was doing just before I read your post. I haven’t cleaned it up in like 6 months and couldn’t find anything. Then I sit down today and it was just done. No thought about doing it. Just done! Who would ever think MKMMA would make us clean.. It affects ALL aspects of our lives!!!

    • I totally agree!! It’s CRAZY how quickly and easily “things” are getting done for me too. Just this morning, I DID my devotions, prayed, meditated, made breakfast, made my bed, took my supplements and washed up, IN HALF of the time I usually take!!… If this is how 4 weeks into the course looks, I’m really, REALLY EXCITED to see how 24 weeks in look.

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